A Message From Your Hosts

“Your Kids Secret Life” is an inside peek at what today’s kids are really doing online and with technology!  Each week you’ll hear the latest trends and get tips to keep them safe while keeping your sanity! A unique podcast for parents, teachers, and adults that want to protect and preserve kids' futures in today’s always-on digital world. This weekly podcast is powered by cybersecurity experts, bestselling authors, and parents of four kids, Chris and Lisa Good.

About Chris and Lisa Good

Chris Goods’ and Lisa Goods’ expertise as 20-year veterans in the Cyber Security and Information

Technology Industry as well as parents of four teenagers, gives them a unique and important perspective.  As trained Cyber Security and IT Professionals, they understand first-hand the ins and outs of technology, as well as the underbelly of the dark web. As parents of four digital teens, they know what actually works, what your super-smart tech-savvy kids can easily bypass, and can relate to the reality of being a parent in the always-on digital world.


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